Whether pressure from work, difficulties in home life, or a combination of the two, the purpose of this course is to address the stress and help you develop ways to cope with it.


The first step to dealing with stress and coping with pressure is identification of the issue(s). As such, the first chapter of this course will examine what might be causing stress in various situations/contexts and how to identify those stressors.


The second chapter will discuss coping mechanisms around those stressors. We will look at both unhealthy and healthy ways to cope with these pressures to get a more well-rounded view of how to deal with them.

By the end of this course you will have learned about:

The definition of stress
The sources of stress and the physical, social and emotional impact they can have
The difference between positive pressure and negative pressure
Positivity and gratitude
Unhealthy coping mechanisms to avoid

Stress Management e - learning

  • This E - Learning course has been designed to enable Teachers and anyone else interested in the Investigation process wihtin schools to fully understand the process of investigation while staying at home. 
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