In less than 10 years, legislation will ban the sales of all new internal combustion engine cars. As we reach the 2030 deadline, there will be a rapid increase in the sales of electrically powered vehicles.


This means anyone working with or near them need to be aware of the safety basics.


In this short course you will learn how to identify the five main types of hybrid and electric vehicle, and the additional risks of working on around them.


  • The five main types of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • The main hazards
  • Safe working tips for low-risk activities

The course is designed for all employees with little or no knowledge of Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Basic Safety Awareness, so is ideal for induction and refresher training.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Basic Safety Awareness

  • This E - Learning course has been designed to enable Teachers and anyone else interested in the Investigation process wihtin schools to fully understand the process of investigation while staying at home. 
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