Qualification Title: QNUK Level 1 Award in Fire Awareness at Work (RQF)

Qualification level: 01

Credit value: 01

Guided learning hours (GLH): 04

Total Qualification Time (TQT): 07
Class Size: 12 Learners 

In the UK over 1000 people are injured each year, due to workplace fires. 

Employers therefore must comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order which applies to England and Wales only.  The Order is designed to provide a minimum fire safety standard in non-domestic premises such as a fire risk assessment. 

The fire risk assessment will aim to identify the potential causes of a fire in the workplace and establish controls to reduce the risk of a fire starting and reducing the risk of how it may affect people.

Employers are also required to ensure that their staff have suitable training. All staff should have some form of fire awareness training. In some workplaces there will be a requirement for trained fire marshals and in others more advanced training. 



This qualification provides knowledge related to fire safety in the workplace, including the need for safe evacuation.



This is a qualification that indicates an individual can undertake a specific role in the workplace and that may be relied upon by employers.



This qualification comprises a single unit. The learning outcomes and assessment criteria can be found below.

By the end of the course learners will have a understanding of:

  • An introduction to fire safety,

  • Why fire safety awareness is essential for all employees,

  • An understanding of what fire is and its key elements (the ‘fire triangle’),

  • Common workplace fire hazards, including:

    • Smoking hazards,

    • Flammable liquids, gases and chemical hazards,

    • Medical oxygen hazards,

    • Electrical equipment hazards,

    • Hazards relating to clutter within the work environment,

    • Hazards relating to escape routes,

    • Arson,

    • Fire risk assessment in the workplace.

  • Significant findings relating to fire risk assessments,

  • Protective measures to minimise the risk of fires in the workplace,

  • An understanding of fire extinguishers,

  • Actions to take on discovering a fire,

  • Steps to take on hearing the fire alarm, and

  • Key things to remember about fire safety.

Level 1 Award in Fire Awareness at Work (RQF) - Corprate (12 learners)

  • Inhouse courses for up to 12 learners are held at your place of work or local training facility. Alternatively we provide this course regularly in our Southampton, London, Birmingham & Manchester Training Centres via our Open Courses. For more information on Open Courses please contact us.