WorkRight (Asdan Awards)

WorkRight Programme (Asdan Awards)

Employers want people who are punctual and reliable, can work with other people and can complete tasks safely to the required standard. 

Our Workright programme provides a framework to develop a range of basic transferable employability skills.


We deliver this programme in a variety of settings, including Schools, Residential Care, Further Education Establishments, Prisons as well as other Training Providers and Day Care Services. 

Who is it for?

Young people of all abilities, mainly aged 19+.

The programme has been developed for young people (aged 14+) and adults who are following a work-based/work experience programme of study.

It can cater for a wide range of abilities: those performing below Entry Level through to those at Entry 3 who may be able to progress quickly to training programmes and employment.

Because Short Courses are multi-level, the focus is on completing challenges and skills development according to individual ability, rather than attainment at a specific level. 

Facts and Figures

  • Flexible, multi-level programme

  • Internally moderated

  • Accredits 10-60 hours of activity


The Workright modules can be undertaken in any order. Certification is available for all four modules or for individual modules.

Levels of support are used to show how the learner has achieved the activity. They show individual progression and differentiation between learners:

  • Experience recorded

  • Gestural help

  • No help

  • Physical help

  • Sensory experience

  • Spoken/signed help

Additionally, there is an opportunity to record students' achievements by allocating a P level or other descriptor to their work, as appropriate.

This will contain:

  • a record of challenges completed, with supporting evidence for each challenge

  • recording documents, showing how learners have planned and reviewed their activities

  • summary of achievement, highlighting skills development

  • personal statement

Course Content

Each module is divided into three sections:

  • Health and safety at work: Health and safety rules; Emergencies; Keeping your workspace clean and tidy

  • Responsibilities in the workplace: Attendance; Timekeeping; Appearance

  • Working with others: Respecting others; Getting on with people at work; Working in a team

  • You at work: Doing jobs at work; The things you use at work; Getting help with problems at work

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